In Search of Easter

In Search of Easter a smart-phone based trail around the Richmond and Woodthorpe areas.

Available from 31st March to 11th April

Find the five clue sheets that are displayed around Richmond and Woodthorpe. At each stop find the missing letter and join in the activities and videos to help complete the search. Once you've got all five secret letters, arrange them into a word, scan the final QR code and use them as your password to continue!

You can watch the intro video here: 


Please ensure you follow current government guidance around social distancing as you take part in this trail.


Help / Further Information

The clues are hidden on gates, railing or fences of houses on the following streets:

  • Two are on Richmond Road
  • One is on Ravenscroft Avenue
  • One is on Stradbroke Road (in a window)
  • One is on Woodrove Avenue

We have prepared a circular route which will pass all the clues. The order doesn't matter so you can join it at any point.

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