Lockdown Morning Prayer


During lockdown 3.0 we're meeting for Morning Prayer on Google Meet on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. We'll follow a pattern and read some scripture each day. There's no need to actively participate - it's perfectly fine to listen - and there will be time to share a verse or reflection of your own and pray.

You can sign in from 8:15 am for an 8:30 start and we're aiming to be finished by 9:00 am for those starting work.

You can download the different outlines and you which outline and readings we'll use each day in the table below.

Outline 1 | Outline 2 | Outline 3 | Outline 4 | Outline 5 | Outline 6 | Outline 7 | Outline 8 | Outline 9 | Outline 10


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