Richmond is an evangelical church that is committed to teaching the Bible out of our conviction that when the Bible is taught, God is speaking to us.

This is because we believe that God inspired the Bible to be written to tell us everything we need to know about God and our relationship with Him. In its pages, God reveals that He has done everything necessary to make it possible for us to be in a relationship with Him by sending His son into the world to die in our place and this affects our entire approach to church.

If God, who is powerful enough to bring the universe into existence through His word, is also interested in each person enough to sacrifice His son - as the Bible teaches - then this is news that we need to respond to and everyone needs to hear. You could say we’re about relationship, not religion.

Our “What we’re about” pages explain the basics of Christianity, and what next steps you could take if you’re investigating the Christian faith.

Of course more can be said about our faith than we can fit on this page but we’d be delighted to explain our faith to you, if you’d give us a chance. We’d love to see you on Sunday.

Richmond Church exists to know God through Jesus Christ, and to make Him known.

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