Essentials - Explore the Christian Faith


A short introduction to the Essentials series:

Join us online for four Tuesdays to begin exploring the heart of the Christian faith:

  1. Reveal
    Discover the life-changing truth that God has engaged us in conversation. Because Jesus is the Son of God we can know what God is like.
  2. Reject
    Discover what Jesus thinks of our spiritual condition. Learn the truth about how we have treated God and the resulting consequences.
  3. Rescue
    Hear the greatest news in the world about how God has rescued us from our biggest danger. Listen to how Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross to save us from the punishment we deserve.
  4. Relationship
    Find out what Jesus has rescued us for. Discover more about the loving relationship we can enjoy with God and other Christians

Tell us you're coming, and receive the Essentials book and a copy of Luke's gospel.

You don't need to, you can just turn up and join us on Google Meet by clicking the link or entering the room code: ghu-hbex-zcw, but we would like to send you the course book and a copy of one of the Bible's biographies of Jesus - both of which are helpful in the course. (It's also helpful to know the names we're expecting so we admit you to the room more quickly!)

Let us know by emailing or use our website's contact form.


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